Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scrapbook for Son!

This is a scrapbook I made for my son.  It includes everything from the time we brought him home from the hospital until the time he returned from deployment to Afghanistan.  It is finally finished and I have 4 more scrapbooks to make for his 4 sisters.  He will be returning to the states this month and he will get it then.  I hope he loves it as much as I love him!!!!

8th Grade graduation & High School Graduation

These pictures were taken at his Basic Training Graduation in Ft. Benning, GA.

My son got married in 2010.

My son was deployed last year and he took these while he was there.
These were pictures of when his unit returned to Germany from Afghanistan after deployment.

This is his homecoming party when he came home on leave after deployment.

Here he is goofing off with his friends!!


  1. Awe, it's turned out really nice ... Good job Deanna he's going to cherish it forever !!!

  2. Thanks, Cindy! It took me a long time to make it. Now to work on the other ones.